Employability Skills Training


India produces 50 lakh graduates every year. Over 50% of graduates who pass out of colleges are unemployable. Experts say with poor command over the English language, computer knowledge and such other employability skills, making the cut from the classroom to the boardroom is not easy. While the resource requirement is high, the quality of the employable workforce is mediocre.

104 Million People in India need to be trained to enter skilled jobs in India over the next 6 years. A pie from the chart is as under:

  • Telecom sector in India alone requires 2.4 million skilled workers
  • Banking and financial services along with Insurance sector requires 1.7 million people
  • Retail sector requires more than 12 million.

India produces 30 – 35 million graduates or diploma holders every year. But, hardly 25 per cent among them find placements. Industry bodies note that over 50 % of graduates passing out are not readily employable, despite the high demand for such people. This situation demands a radical new thinking.

Training in vocational and soft skills is thus imperative to improve employability of the youth. To accomplish this objective, the Foundation has initiated its projects  to hone the employability skills of students through skills development and motivation program.