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Smart Learning Centre

According to a survey carried out by FICCI and the World Bank, the top three most important general skills identified were integrity, reliability and teamwork.

Resource Center for Hearing impaired

Disability is a a matter of perception.We know disabled people can do lots of things and they want to do more in their lives


Students who lack easy access to computers because they are not affordable find themselves at a severe disadvantage relative to their peers



Recuperating schools

A school needs to have proper premises in order to give children better environment. but in those non aided schools doesnt have an great structural facility to support children education

Sahyog award

This is an Era of responsibility. The foundation have understood the present concern with most consideration that we can not end poverty without investing in education.Indeed investing in education

Smart Classrooms

Total number of school in India stands at 1.3 million, and only around 10% of the private schools have tapped the potential of multimedia classroom teaching, whereas in other schools, it has barely made any inroads



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Corporate Social Responsibility is the ethical behavior of the organization toward the welfare of the society. The corporate companies have realized that apart from growing their business it is crucial to build sustainable and trustworthy relationship with the society at large. Though India grows economically the socio economic problems like illiteracy, poverty, lack of healthcare are still existing prominently and the government is having only limited resources to overcome these challenges. This has led many businesses to serve the Indian society through CSR programs.

Foundation for CSR @ Redington focuses on health and healthy living and work on the following:

  • Provide medical check-up and treatment for the people of rural areas and improve the health of less privileged people.
  • Support in restoring the vision of visually challenged people all over India especially people from economically weaker society.
  • Organize health camps.
  • Prevent and treat communicable diseases like tuberculosis, malaria.
  • Promote awareness about various health issues and provide health services.
  • Support rehabilitate persons with disabilities.


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Franklin D. Roosevelt said that a nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.

The foundation aims and initiates the betterment of the environment through green initiatives like tree plantation for afforestation, conserve water, manage and dispose the waste responsibly.

  • Organize programs on Pollution Control and Environment Management
  • Planting fruit bearing saplings
  • Developing green belt

The most environmentally friendly last name is Green. Let us take all steps to keep our Earth pollution free and Green.