If two individuals of same interest meet, they will have good time together. If two organisations who share common interests join hands, they can bring the best out of each and every endeavour. As a foundation which works a lot in the area of Education, we have associated with HP WOW to amaze our rural students.

“HP WOW” – HP World On Wheels is called as “A Mobile World Of Connectivity” in their own terms. The HP WOW concept is instituted. to introduce the Digital Literacy, e-Learning, Entrepreneurship Training, and other citizen services to rural India. The bus is equipped with HP computing and printing equipment, as well as numerous software suites and e-learning tools. This bus aims in empowering citizens, especially rural populace, by making them digitally literate. This is intended to be achieved through collaborative digital platforms and by making available digital resources in their native language to ensure their participation. It will help tap into the data that will be freely available on the cloud computing platform—independent of an intervention.

It also includes.
1. 44,000 training hours capacity annually per unit.
2. EDP training for youth, K-12 e-Content for students.
3. HP Classroom Manager and other software suites
4. 3.15 KVA solar panels for off-grid connectivity.
5. Common citizen service and digital literacy training.
6. Video-conferencing and remote trainings.
7. Equipped with 20 HP Thin Clients, Workstation, OfficeJet all-in-one printer and others.
Our foundation is always keen to branch out and find ways to reach the disadvantaged in effective ways to elevate their condition and to make difference in their lives, and this initiative is one of them.