Recuperating Educational Institutions


Our foundation considers education as the key element in CSR initiative, focuses on renovating the successfully long running educational institutions. The scope of the educational institutions renovating work include screeding of roofs, internal and external painting in class rooms and buildings, electrical fittings, equipping with new windows and doors.

A school needs to have proper premises in order to give children better environment. But in those non aided schools does not have a great structural facility to support children education. Foundation realizes the need for greater participation of the educated youth and local administration in improving the existing conditions or creating new infrastructure for the schools to encourage and support the children mostly drawn from poor families to get better education. Also the devastating floods which was incidental that crippled life in Chennai and its neighboring districts did not just wash away houses and destroy the livelihoods of lakhs of people, it also swept away the hopes of thousands of schoolchildren. The furious flood water chased them from their homes, took away school books, bags, stationery, uniforms and anything else in its path.

While the Schools and Colleges were the shelter for the flood affected people, the utilities such as blackboards, benches, lights and fans in schools and colleges were damaged partly or fully. In many cases, the walls and other structural set up were also damaged.

The situation demanded immediate attention and hence, Foundation embarked on recouping schools and colleges by revamping/white washing walls and desks, providing power back-up support and study material to the flood-affected children.


As part of its endeavor to serve the society in the area of Education, the Foundation, financially supports educational institutions having good track record by way of equipping activities.

In the era of Globalization, students who lack easy access to computers because they are not affordable find themselves at a severe disadvantage relative to their peers. In a study, it was found that students who are provided with PC and broadband are able to get six to eight percent higher graduation rates than who do not have access to computer and internet.

As a step in this direction, the Foundation brought forth an initiative to bestow Laptops to graduates who really need it. The Foundation has identified and provided Laptops to students from engineering college. The Foundation aims to bridge the digital divide and enable students from the lower income group with great potential to access the far reach of the Modern Technology.