Elderly Care & Patient Counselling

Help elderly people and counselling to recover from the trauma and shock of COVID 19

Redington Foundation to provide support to the elderly and to meet them at their point of need. We would also like to help those who fought back corona virus through counselling and to motivate them to break free from the trauma they go through.  Ensuring that they do not once again fall into the dreaded trap of the virus.   Consoling them for emotional comfort and taking efforts through trained counselors to get them relieved from the stress.

  • Understanding the need of elderly people
  • Helping the people in counselling who got cured from corona virus infection
  • Supply of essential commodities for the needy

Goals and Outcomes (Quantitative and Qualitative):

The objectives and purpose of this proposal is to provide support to the needy elderly people with basic requirement, provide counselling to the recovered patients and also to educate the patients to protect themselves from getting infected again which is practically possible and feasible.


Immediate requirement of the needy elderly people is met, break free from the trauma after recovery and to educate to protect themselves from getting infected again.


Foundation will support 1800 people who are needy elderly people and recovered patients through counselling


The elderly people are one segment of the society who needs immediate attention as they are vulnerable to this dreadful corona virus.

The post recovery period for the people recovered from this viral attack needs attention. They may be going through a psychological trauma due to the sickness. The Foundation will cater to the needy elderly people at this critical juncture will help to protect their lives  Counselling the recovered through trained counsellors to counsel them and also to educate them to prevent themselves from getting infected again.

Our foundation will stand up to the occasion and lend a helping hand to the needy. Contact us at jayaraman.s@redingtonfoundation.org