Eurekha Integrate children’s village development project aims to create a sustainable model to improve educational quality in rural underprivileged children by providing the required teacher and children inputs to achieve critical competencies in Tamil, Maths and English through both in school and after school interventions with interested teachers focusing especially on children lagging in critical skills. Through this project 1310 students benefited from 5 villages at Gummidipoondi Block, Thiruvallur District Tamil Nadu, This Programme was implemented by AID India. Five project schools was provided with portable library and also students were supported 

The followings are the key highlights in this project.

  • Children learning vocabulary using songs and action chants.
  • Building their curiosity with simple experiments & building their scientific temperament
  • Building confidence by teaching them skills – Eureka Tinkering Labs.
  • Skill Chart – A simple tool for the tutors to track learning outcomes.
  • Using technology at Home to reach children during school closure.
  • virtual App& live classes to reach children in remote villages.
  • Providing audio-visual learning inputs to learn concepts.
  • Learning by understanding, learning by doing
  • Using activities and materials to practice and reinforce concepts in class.
  • Showcase achievement of children through learning events
  • Self-paced graded learning modules to enhance per child learning