Redington Foundation to show our appreciation for putting themselves before others during this critical time would like to be a collaborative partner in fighting against this pandemic outbreak of coronavirus across the nation. We would like to help to ease some of the burden of the hospital through direct relief by providing essential medical support listed below:

  • Supply of masks
  • Supply of PPEs
  • Reimbursing expenses towards procurement of oxygen cylinders. (payment to vendor mode)
  • Supporting the wards of deserving para medical staff and housekeeping staff (providing groceries)
  • Purchase of semi ventilators/purchase of spare parts of ventilators (payment to vendor mode)
  • Reimbursement of purchase of medicines
  • Reimbursement towards servicing of Generators.
  • Reimbursement towards repairing charges of medical equipment
  • Purchase of Rapid testing kits to medical labs 

Goals and Outcomes (Quantitative and Qualitative):

The objectives and purpose of is to provide support to authorised hospitals to treat COVID 19 patients and also other hospitals who are running short basic Personal Protective Equipments and other essential amenities which is practically possible and feasible to the society.


To provide immediate support to the hospitals to save lives and being associated with the hospitals can help Redington ecosystem at times of need in the days to come.


Foundation will provide amenities to 11 authorised hospitals to treat COVID patients and also to help other needy hospitals


The life line of the society is the medical service and under the current situation they play a very vital role. The hospitals are running short of Personal Protection Equipments and other mechanical Equipments to cater to the immediate requirement of the patients. Today under this current critical situation the biggest challenge the hospitals are subjected to is the shortage of amenities. The Foundation will support the hospitals at this critical juncture as they run short of necessary material and equipments that will help them to cater the need of the suffering population and to save their lives.