EI – Mobile unit / Home based therapy [Early Intervention to address development delays in children with disabilities]

The Redington Foundation’s initiatives towards early intervention in differently abled children assume importance considering that disability detection centres are not easily accessible in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. Poverty and lack of assessments and provide guidance result in many children being left unattended.

The El project seeks to address developmental delays in children with disabilities, in the age group of 0 – 6 years. The target beneficiaries of this initiative are the children belonging to financially challenged families in the districts of Cuddalore, Madurai, Tutricurion of Tamil Nadu and Puruliya district of West Bengal.

The Redington Foundation Bus is a ‘Therapy Unit on Wheels’. The bus is equipped with a therapy unit to offer functional therapy and physiotherapy. It also has multimedia displays & tracking – mechanisms. A team consist of Physio, speech, occupational therapists, Special educator, and community workers, is available in the bus to conduct   assessment and provide therapies. The provision of regular therapy has helped 325 differently abled children to stabilise and begin their improvement journey.

The project aims for a positive social impact through sustained improvement in the disabled children and in the outlook of the family and the people around them. It will help improve the long-term functioning of differently abled children.