Support to Casual Workers

The foundation spearheads to encounter crucial and critical situations in the society. Under the current circumstances where the entire nation is in lockdown, we would like to address the immediate need of the hour as the source & facilities has come to a grinding halt with the advent of this pandemic. Redington Foundation through our CSR activity, project – KARUNA would like to help the following segment of the society to face the challenge against the coronavirus

Casual Workers of Redington ecosystem SCM/ IT Distribution and other similar organisation

Foundation would like to start with the casual workers and their families of Redington ecosystem to lend a helping hand to these hard pressed workers during this time of crisis. subsequently to other casual workers of SCM / IT distribution organisation. It would mean a sense of gratitude and corporate goodwill gesture in helping the work force associated in SCM / IT distribution across the nation.

Goals and Outcomes (Quantitative and Qualitative):

The objectives and purpose of this proposal is to provide support to the casual workers and their families of the Redington Foundation ecosystem SCM / IT distribution and subsequently to other casual workers of SCM / IT distribution organisation with basic requirement which is practically possible and feasible.


Livelihood support as they depend on daily wages, (which is now crippled) Hence, aid them with our support function to mitigate their sufferings, continue to support them in future to improve their living condition and help them to return back to their regular life routines with rejuvenated energy.


The number of beneficiaries will be 1500 workers across all the areas of operations of Redington ecosystem in the nation & other associate organisations


The situation the world is currently facing is a history of its kind and let us all pray that we should not be going through a similar situation in the future to come. As the government and some of the social organisation are putting their best effort to provide the basic need of the people. The casual workers of Redington Ecosystem SCM / IT distribution, subsequently we can extend this help to other SCM / IT distribution organisation as they are going through hard times in this current situation.    We the foundation will stand up to the occasion and lend a helping hand to the needy, particularly those who are the part of our eco – system and make their lives comfortable to return to normalcy at the quickest possible time.