Support to Migrant Workers, Daily Wagers and Homeless

Grocery & Food Support to migrant workers, daily wage workers & homeless

Redington Foundation to extend help to needy workers of the society across the country like the migrant workers daily wage workers, taxi / auto drivers, other workers not covered by the government.

  • Distribution of uncooked food articles
  • Providing meals
  • Grocery material support

Goals and Outcomes (Quantitative and Qualitative):

The objectives and purpose is to provide support to the needy people with basic requirement which is practically possible and feasible to the society.


Livelihood support as they depend on daily wages, continue to support them to  improve their living condition, getting associated with various likeminded associations to work towards the improvement of this strata of the society in the days to come


Foundation will support 2000 people who are daily wages, migrant and homeless across in Tamilnadu & Delhi


The government and some of the social organisation put their best effort to provide the basic need of the people. The daily wage earners, the migrant workers and the homeless are badly affected by the current situation. Our foundation will provide all the possible support to the needy to alleviate their suffering.

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