Primary responsibility of Redington’s Environment Stewardship is responsible use of natural resources and protection of natural environment by supporting projects aimed at renovation, restoration of the water bodies, mitigation of risk in climate change through helping rural communities. we contribute by implementing actions/measures undertaken for water security & adoption of renewable energy under our CSR programmes. The first programme addresses water security through renovation of ponds, thereby ensuring water for various purposes. In addition, the programme advocated the adoption of renewable energy sources through solar lights, etc, to reduce fossil fuel consumption. The second programme Self sustainable village development project enables individuals living in rural areas to use Biogas plants instead of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to help them in reducing their cost-of-living expenses in addition to minimizing their carbon footprint as well. Additionally, WASH Initiative is implemented in 3 states of India namely West Bengal, Haryana & Tamil Nadu which provides access to WASH facilities for school students.