Education is critical in alleviating poverty as it improves health and productivity, drives gender parity, promotes opportunities for upward mobility and allows individuals to maximise their potential. At Redington foundation, education is considered the foundation of the nation’s socio-economic development and the most important investment for progress.

 Focuses on bridging the foundational literacy numeracy gaps in children through tablet-enabled classes. Works on remedial courses for primary and middle school children. These initiatives enhance performance and foster greater confidence in children. Finally, a distinct initiative for promoting digital literacy for school students & communities in rural areas has also been undertaken. Post-schooling, students face the challenge of meeting the financial requirements for college education. To address this issue, we have extended our helping hand to deserving youths through various scholarships to offer financial assistance for economically disadvantaged students. Our data also indicates the lack of sufficient skills to adapt to the current requirements of the market. This is another area where we have stepped in by offering skill development training programmes for college students & vocational training to differently-abled individuals to improve their employability.