The focus of this programme lies on rapidly improving the foundational literacy, English & numeracy skills among students of Grades 5 to 8 through tablet-enabled classes. Trained Resource Persons (RPs) are given training in foundational literacy & numeracy curriculum & students are given access to tablets to the ratio of 1:2. The applications available on the tablet foster learning in children thereby bridging their literacy & numeracy skills.    

This novel initiative ‘Academic Bridge Course’ was provided to 1,100 school students of Pandalur, Nilgiri District in Tamil Nadu and 700 school students at Uluberia Municipality, West Bengal in partnership with Learning Links Foundation. It covered 14 schools; trained educators were appointed to teach tech-based curriculum to students from less-privileged backgrounds. In digital literacy students demonstrate adequate performance level in the following competencies i.e. Fundamentals of hardware and software, information & data literacy, communication & collaboration, digital content creation, safety, and problem solving.

The programme objective

  • Improve digital literacy skills among students thereby engaging them in continuous learning process.
  • Ensure foundational literacy & numeracy among children from grade 5 to grade 8 by way of tablet enabled classes.
  • Build capacities of teachers & headmasters by leveraging technology which improves learning experiences in classrooms.

The program impacted in

  • Improvement in Students Attendance
  • Increase in Students Confidence & Aspirations
  • Teachers Eager to Upgrade their Skills.
  • Engaged and Hopeful Parents